Vicky Fired up for Future

At BFE we are passionate about supporting you after studying with us, this may be to find volunteering or job vacancies and it’s a real pleasure to hear when someone is successful attaining either. Vicky Nesbit has been a learner with BFE for some time completing an array of qualifications to help strengthen her CV in order to attract potential employers, from Customer Service, Health and Social to Mental Health.

Vicky had an ambition to continue with FE learning to attain her dream role within youth work. She was very interested in gaining experience to ensure her ideas about what the role would entail were still something she would like to pursue a career in.  At BFE we have excellent links to volunteer organisations and quite recently; Children’s North East. Vicky took part in the application process which gave her an opportunity to use the skills and knowledge she has gained through attending courses at BFE, she put these newly developed attributes to good use and was accepted onto the Peer Mentoring Program in which Vicky will be paired with a young person through a matching questionnaire in order to ensure a good rapport can be built between the user and volunteer.

Having secured a voluntary role within the sector she so wanted, Vicky’s perseverance in attaining employment never diminished and to her credit she has secured a full time healthcare role. Vicky decided to maintain her voluntary role to further develop her skills in the aim of reaching her ultimate goal, Vicky states; “I was really shocked I had been invited to the second stage interview for the healthcare role, when I sat in the interview all I could here were the Tutor’s words going around in my head and every question I was asked – I had an answer! I used to get really nervous about interviews and found them intimidating but when you know what you’re being asked it makes you a lot more comfortable. I’m continuing with my volunteering as it’s something I’m passionate about and I may sound sad but it’s something I’m really looking forward to!”

While balancing volunteering, a new job and her home life; Vicky still managed to support BFE in the our new endeavours to help out at a recent fun day for the West Walker Check It Out Project by displaying another of her fantastic skills – Fire Eating!

We’d like to wish Vicky a lot of luck and good wishes in her future!

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