Top Ten Tips for your garden

  1. Pick up litter and rubbish daily.  This will help make your area look much tidier and will also stop vermin such as rats, birds and mice from feeding here.
  2. Cut your grass fortnightly and tidy up the edges of the grass where it meets the borders using an edging tool.  Water the grass in very warm weather to keep it nice and green.
  3. Keep on top of weeds on paths and in parking areas using weed killer. Alternatively, pull out the weeds by the roots or hoe them.
  4. Trim hedges and shrubs when required but let shrubs flower first before cutting them.
  5. Dead-head your flowers.  This will help to encourage growth and stop the spread of disease.
  6. If you can, use mulch around your shrubs and flower beds.  This will help retain moisture and keep down the weeds.  It will also feed the plants.
  7. Pick slugs and snails from your plants, flowers and vegetables or use slug pellets.
  8. Use a flower and plant feed to help promote growth.
  9. Make a compost bin for all your soft garden waste such as grass, leaves and some food peelings.
  10. Sign up to a free gardening newsletter by email, which gives you weekly hints and tips on which gardening jobs to do when.  An excellent website for hints and tips is