Riverside and BFE work to improve local communities

BFE started providing a monthly landscaping service to the Riverside north east communal areas in April 2012 to support Riverside’s vision to ‘transform lives and revitalise neighbourhoods’.  Since then we are pleased to report that Riverside has received 7 compliments regarding the work of BFE.

Comments from residents include ‘excellent service’, ‘good team work’, ‘wonderful work’, ‘over the moon’, ‘fantastic service’.

Other comments include ‘all communications with BFE have been very good, quick turn around with replies and very good workmanship’.

Helen Wilson, Divisional Service Charge Manager said:  “We have been really pleased with the efforts that all the staff have made to ensure this contract runs smoothly. They provide accurate information of the work completed on each visit which helps us when dealing with any queries and have also been very responsive to any additional work requests.”

Helen also added: “We have received more compliments from our customers relating to the quality of their work than any other contract we manage.  Since the start of the contract they have been a pleasure to work with and so long may this continue.”

Well done to all of the Environmental Maintenance Team!

The Environmental Maintenance Team at work improving the local community