Prince’s Trust learners finish their first week with a bam!

This morning, a group of Prince’s Trust learners who are mid-way through studying on our 2-week Get Into Construction programme and who are all desperately hoping to secure one of the 2 work placement opportunities with Bam Construction, were warmly welcomed onto their site at the brand new building on the Newcastle College campus.

Learners along with BFE and Prince’s Trust staff were given the grand tour of the site and got a great insight into what life working on such a large-scale project would be like.  The learners enthusiastically asked questions as they were guided around all the different areas of the building, seeing a real work-in-progress as you can see in the pictures below!

Anthony Heaton, Environmental & Community Coordinator for Bam talked the learners through many of the stages of the building and structural processes that go into such a project, from the foundations, to the walls, to the flooring, to the heating systems, to dry-lining, to the installation of solar panels and the system which ensures the building is earthed in the case of a lighting strike!

Thanks to everyone who took part in this visit and a special thanks to Bam Construction for supporting our learning groups towards taking the next step in their future construction industry careers!

Prince's Trust Learners are shown round the Bam Construction Site by Environmental & Community Coordinator, Anthony Heaton

Bam Construction Staff screeding the floor to ensure it is perfectly level

Part-way through the construction of a debate room for learners

Taking in the view from one of the new partitioned classrooms

The kitchen area where the learners can enjoy a break from their studies

You will need a good head for heights in this industry

No mean feat of Structural Engineering

Bam staff explain how the architecture of this top floor of the building is purposely designed for the art classes which will be taught there

An explanation of how the building is earthed to ensure full electrical safety

The environmentally-friendly roof top

Learners being shown the safety cabling system used by anyone working at heights up on the roof

Explaining the benefits of roof-top solar powered energy

Prince's Trust learners complete their visit and stand proudly in front of the building they hope to be lucky enough to gain a work placement in