Love growing your own fruit and veg this season!

Love growing your own this season!

Here at Building Futures East we are committed to supporting the communities local to us through the creation of training and job opportunities as well as through supporting local businesses and residents to create pleasant and sustainable outdoor areas.

As part of this pledge, the training and office staff at Building Futures East are this afternoon teaming up with the gardening staff to learn all about how to plant and grow your own vegetables, helping to make for a more sustainable future – starting off with potato planting!

The BFE Potato Growing Challenge…

The challenge is on for our staff to see who can grow the best crop of potatoes through careful nurturing over the spring and summer and at the end of the season we will pull up our potatoes and see who has grown the biggest crop!

In teams of 2, one Gardening team member and one training/office team member will work together to plant up seed potatoes.  The gardening team partners will be there to advise our ‘less-experienced-at-growing’ staff on how best to plant and look after the potatoes and provide hints and tips along the way to hopefully lead to a bumper crop!

The winner will be the one who has the biggest crop (by weight) and there will also be prizes for the biggest single potato and also for the strangest-shaped potato.

Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind.

Potatoes provide the body with an essential source of fuel and energy, which you need even when dieting.  Potatoes are a rich carbohydrate source and help to fuel all reactions in the body which you need for movement, thinking, digestion and cellular renewal.

So why not get your own Potato Growing Challenge off the ground and see if you can beat us!!!

Grow one of your five-a-day for a healthy heart and mind!

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