Young people (aged up to 25, residing in the areas indicated by the attached map) are given the opportunity to develop innovative projects and social businesses to tackle real, area-based issues. Young people can apply for ‘kickstarter’ grants of £100 to pilot their project idea. All that’s required in return is attendance at a workshop where ideas can be shared with other youth participants.

Participants will be given full support to deliver their projects by the Starter SOUP team.Later, participants will be offered the chance to verbally ‘pitch’ their idea at a ‘soup’ event. Here, community members, friends, and family are invited to enjoy activities, food, and vote for the project they believe will make the most difference to the area. The winner of the ballot will win a £500 grant to further develop their project.

Starter SOUP also offers young people a package of enterprise, project development and media activities and outings. Recent and planned events have included meals out, music production and street art and specialist ‘starting your own business’ workshops.

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