“It’s like a Jungle in Here!!”

Learners on the recent Paediatric First Aid Course held at BFE were subjected to a ‘Celebrity’ style lesson.

During the session learners were given ‘Sticky Plasters’ as rewards for answering first aid related questions correctly.

Learners were called to the ‘Emergency Telegraph’ which gave instructions that they needed to conduct a Primary Survey and carry out CPR on a casualty who was not breathing.  They were then required to place a casualty in the recovery position and deal with a child who was choking.

The ‘White Cross Trial’ involved each learner participating in the First Aid examination – all passed the course and were asked to add up their ‘Sticky Plaster’ rewards to their marks in the exam to identify who the person was that had the most.

Lisa Harvey, pictured below, gained most marks in the exam and five ‘Sticky Plasters’ and was proudly crowned as the course ‘Queen of the Medics’.

Well done to all five learners who passed and are now qualified in Paediatric First Aid.

Lisa Harvey - Queen of the Medics

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