From BFE to Barista!

During her time at BFE Gemma Main was known by a lot of the tutors as somebody who strived to get back into work, her ambition to learn and persistence in achieving her goal of attaining employment was infectious.

While at BFE Gemma studied on two programmes; the Level 2 Certificate in Business Administration and a Level 3 Certificate in Customer Service. Whilst studying Customer Service Gemma was asked to think about an organisation to base her work upon, she chose Costa Coffee – where her BFE tutor Hazel Saint had worked before retraining and working at BFE. Her tutor supported her all the way through her certificate and having studied the organisation in depth Gemma felt it may be something she was interested in pursuing.

Gemma applied for a job at Costa Coffee in the hope of taking her knowledge to the next level and applying it to the workplace. The interviewers were so impressed with Gemma’s customer service qualification as well as her knowledge of the organisation and its products and services they offered her the job straightaway!

Everyone here at BFE wish Gemma all the best!

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