Learner Forum Friday 16th March 2012: Calling all Course Ambassadors!

The next Learner Forum will be held at Building Futures East on Friday 16th March 2012 from 10am to 11am.  This is the 2nd forum to be held this year and after the success of the first one with 100% attendance from all Course Ambassadors, we look forward to meeting with you next Friday so that you can help us to help you by continually improving our courses and services.

Your feedback, comments, suggestions and recommendations are invaluable in helping us to come up with ways to improve and we want to get everyone involved in sharing their experience of BFE and working with us to strive for excellence in everything we do.

Being a Course Ambassador can help you in many ways by improving a number of skills which you can then use in a variety of different situations in life and work and will offer you the chance to…..

  • Ensure you and your peers get a voice, helping us to work together to improve the services we offer our learners
  • Meet a range of people
  • Develop your communication, negotiation, information gathering and interpersonal skills
  • Develop your ability to build and manage relationships with a diverse range of people
  • Show employers that you can put your skills into practice in a work environment and will allow you to give strong examples of how you have proven this

So, if you want to get involved as a Course Ambassador then please let your Tutor know or contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ form on this website so that we can give you all the information you need.

We look forward to meeting with you next Friday to hear your news and views.

For more information on the role of Course Ambassador, click here.

For the Learner Forum Agenda, click here.