Junior Learning

We have a thriving range of curriculum activities aimed at schools age children, from age 8 upwards. Here at Building Futures East, we believe in nurturing the desire to learn and the acquisition and development of hands-on, vocational skills from an early age.

We are already yielding positive results with groups of young learners, enhancing their self confidence and creating an environment where they can learn and succeed.  All of our learning activities embed the following:

  • literacy and numeracy
  • team-working
  • confidence building
  • leadership
  • creative thinking and design
  • planning
  • respect for others and property

We have now successfully gained national accreditation for one of our schools programmes.  EAL, a national awarding organisation, have recognised the value in our junior learning programmes and have worked with us to approve this ground-breaking provision.  Our ‘Junior Construction Crafts (Beginners)’ course, is simply the first stage of a longer term vision we have to ensure we can provide accredited learning opportunities that steer and encourage young people to see the value in maintaining their education.  This programme, and others that we currently have under development, are designed to motivate young people in readiness for their future learning and career shaping decisions on apprenticeships or other vocational learning.

Some provision is bespoke and tailored to meet the needs of the young people in question.  Accreditation is not always the key outcome; our tutor team are skilled at providing support, particularly where we have young people who access our services purely to focus on participation, engagement, skill development and improvement to behaviour and attitudes.  In all instances, we work closely with school representatives to provide the right solutions and interventions.