Community Regeneration

Our work, our training and enterprise activities exist to deliver high social impact. We are clear that we want to renew our communities through an increase in opportunities for learning and employment, in the creation and realisation of personal aspiration and of hope.

Through our work we are involved in the life of the communities we support at a number of different levels. We work with a wide range of partners that share our desire to shape better places in which to live and with greater opportunities for the people who live in them.

To this end, through continuing conversation, we immerse ourselves in the issues of these areas in order to contribute to the effective resolution of local issues, to the development of locally appropriate projects and initiatives that meet local needs and that also provide wider opportunities to apply the accumulated learning.

Engagement, conversation and positive action then become iterative. This process increases the quality of relationships and their dynamic outcomes in a way that also supports longer term resilience and sustained or permanent impact. The process constantly stimulates and refines local and strategic networks that too are focussed upon positive action and change.