A Learner’s Journey

The following was written by one of our successful Level 2 Health & Social Care learners who completed July 2012..

“I was sick of having no money and living on income support so I decided I would look for a job. I was invited to an interview by Job Centre Plus and started going to the job club and putting together a CV. There was help with job searches and completing application forms. I then had an accident and so was not fit for work. I told the JCP worker who agreed I needed to get fit first but I was pleased when Ani who works for Sure Start approached me with some information about this course. When I found out there was crèche I knew with this help I could do it.

I didn’t make the time for the assessment to get on the course but Ani was so flexible she met me at the library and even helped keep an eye on my little boy allowing me to do the assessment. It was hard because I was a little distracted but I did it. It felt good to get my brain working.

I have been able to count on the other parents while doing the course and we have become friends. They have been supportive. I have done this with nice people in a nice atmosphere and with a good tutor. The tutor has been approachable, friendly and helpful always giving encouragement and support. I have felt able to ask any questions and felt comfortable about it.

They were very clear from the start about what was expected of us from us. I think this is fare so you know what you have committed to. We knew we were not to miss sessions and we had to do the work. I was always determined to complete it no matter what. Having a crèche for my child really helped.

Now the course is finished I really miss it. I miss seeing the friends I made every week and I even miss the homework. My son misses the crèche now. When he comes through the Sure Start gates his little face lights up. Unfortunately now the course is finished and crèche is not on he gets upset. I now want to do the level 3. I don’t want to stop.

Crèche made my son so happy he loved it. Staff got to know him and when we see them around the streets they say hello which he loves. He has loved it so much I have signed him up for the playgroup at Mountfield because he loves the staff and he is used to them and the building I am feeling really confident he will have no bother starting playgroup.

How am I feeling now I have done it?

I feel a lot more confident. It has totally changed my life. I am not just a teenage mum on income support, a statistic. Yes I do feel people can judge you and I get the feeling people think my life will not amount to much. They don’t know how determined I am.

I felt comfortable on the course because I feel people were in the same boat as me. They understood.

My older children talked about me doing my homework. I think it is good that they see their mum working.

I want people to know I am doing things to improve myself for the future. I have got a purpose a goal. I don’t want people to think I am happy being on benefits.

I felt good in the school yard when people were talking to me saying “sorry I have to get off I am going to my college course”.

I will get there.”