Riverside Housing residents compliment our Garden Maintenance Team

As the summer gardening season comes to an end, the Autumn weather begins to rear its head and leaves begin to fall, this is the time that our Gardening and Environmental Maintenance Team begin the majority of the Tree Surgery work.  Local Riverside Housing residents, for whom we carry out garden and environmental maintenance from April to November, are always happy to tell us what they think to support us to keep delivering the excellent service we offer and of course to continually improve.  Their feedback is very important to us so we always like to share it with you…

We have recently carried out some work to remove a dead tree from outside one of the Riverside properties and replaced it with a trailing rose to keep the area looking pretty.  Mrs S called to say she was “delighted with the lads who were taking out the tree and planting a trailing rose in its place!”

Keep up the good work lads!!

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