Anthony in America: Day 6

Our Chief Executive Anthony Woods-Waters is in Little Rock, USA, visiting community projects. On the 6th and final day of his blog, Anthony gives his final thoughts on the visit..

 “This has been a truly memorable experience. There are tremendous synergies between our two cities. From our own organisational perspective there is much to affirm that we are a leading organisation in the area of vocational skills, social enterprise and community regeneration. There is much however that we may learn from our friends in Little Rock. There is a real climate for sharing and understanding based upon mutual respect and common goals. This is, I truly believe, not only the start of the finalisation of the process of our cities being joined in sisterhood but also the start of exciting new relationships for our organisation with our new partners. Undoubtedly there is much in future yet to write on this subject.”

“An important factor in the success of the visit has been the genuine warmth and generosity extended to us  by our hosts, this in fact being a characteristic of all the Arkansans we met during the course of our time here. Within this specific and sincere thanks to my friends Bryan and Misty who are both wonderful individuals and magnificent ambassadors of their city.”

“With genuine thanks to all who generously shared their time and hosted visits and supported us throughout our stay.”

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