Our work, our training and enterprise activities exist to deliver high social impact. We are clear that we want to renew our communities through an increase in opportunities for learning and employment, in the creation and realisation of personal aspiration and of hope.

Our own enterprise activities for the most part have a wholly social focus – the creation of local training opportunities, this links directly to the creation of local employment opportunities which in turn is driven by the delivery of local services. Through this approach we have given ourselves a goal in making our communities more “resilient”, to enable them to resist to a greater degree the forces of economic upheaval together with its social consequences, to create within them a new dynamic, one that is born out of a shared vision and commitment across its’ complex networks and that is conceived with a new DNA that ensures that our hitherto most disadvantaged neighbourhoods develop inherent genetic characteristics where networks (internal and external) relate, oscillate, connect and spark, release energy and renew themselves.

Our method also seeks to engender a greater degree of social cohesion. We want to strengthen the fabric that holds our communities together. Our model then looks to connect people with the places in which they live through training, work and local service delivery and to connect people with people – this is about the provision of services within communities themselves in a way that further emphasises and stimulates resilience.

Our model can stimulate local economic regeneration since our broader enterprise and training offer fosters a culture of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurialism whilst at the same time strengthening local accountability

Our Values

Building Futures East is a strongly value driven organisation. Through our work we want to contribute to the address of social and economic inequality. We are motivated by a desire for social justice, by a desire to ensure that everyone, regardless of where they come from or what their background is, has an opportunity to improve their life opportunities.

Our staff team is carefully selected and blends occupational experience and expertise with a strong base of personal values and beliefs that are consistent with those of the organisation.

We believe in what we do, we believe in the value of what we do and its contribution to supporting the creation of resilient and vibrant communities. Our work starts with the individual and through this individual transformation or growth it radiates across personal and family networks and through communities.

Clearly our work has a focus. There is a rigour to our successful delivery model and our methods. Relationships are based upon reciprocity. What we offer, we offer freely, but with the expectation of mutual respect and a desire and commitment to work with us towards success.

Inherent values that appear as characteristics of our model are; service, our desire to work towards securing or attaining the hopes and aspirations of our service users and therefore addressing their needs and removing the obstacles to their success; and compassion, we care deeply and are committed to the realisation of their goals in a way that also accepts and accommodates the complexity of some of their lives but at the same time avoids judgement.

We are not therefore an organisation that exists for financial gain and any profit generated by the organisation is committed to reinvestment to expand and improve upon the services and support that we offer.

We believe in:

  • Involving our communities and being accountable to them.
  • Developing our business and offering opportunity, with integrity and respect, in all of our relationships.
  • Setting ourselves high standards in quality and ensuring that they are met.
  • Embracing diversity and caring for and improving all of our people.
  • Creating a challenging and rewarding workplace.
  • Developing innovative and best value solutions.
  • Sharing knowledge.
  • Promoting collaboration and partnership across all areas of our activity and learning from those with whom we work.