A Day in the Life of..

Continuing our new feature, we asked our Administrator Claire Brown to share her typical working day in the BFE office.

5:30am – Well a typical working day starts with my son, Layton, jumping on my bed waking me up around half 5 wanting the Tweenies on! Once he is settled I start getting ready.  Now Layton is older he often tries to copy me trying to brush his hair which is quite funny! I drop him off at my Mam’s house at 8am and head to work.

8:20am – I arrive at work and straight away check the answer phone for messages, log onto my computer and check my emails. For the next hour I make sure the tutors have everything they need for the day like any paperwork and registers.

9: 30am – I sit and plan for the day which usually consists of general queries coming through via email, phone or anyone coming into reception, stock ordering and other things agreed with my manager. It is never quiet!

10.30am –An important part of my job is to check all of our paperwork is correct for our various funders. Every day I check the student enrolments going over to Tyne Met to make sure the paperwork is compliant.

12pm – A well earned lunch, but even lunch time can be busy, busy, busy!

1pm – I set up our Conference room for a BFE Board meeting.  I set out the room as well as making sure that there is enough tea, coffee, and of course biscuits!

2pm – Learner are due to finish for the day so I start prepping travel expenses for those that are eligible. I also ring learners to let them know their certificates have arrived after successful completion of a course with BFE, always a good moment!

3pm – This is the time tutors return to the office after teaching and hand me their registers and other paperwork. I spend this time giving it the once over before updating our various systems and sending the relevant information off to our college and funding partners.

4pm – My last job of the day is to prep and log any post that needs to go out. This can be anything from learner certificates to letters offering places on our courses!

4:30pm – By this time I can’t wait to get home and see the little one. I love my job but nothing beats being a mum!